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Seattle Sports Fat Boy Kayak Cart


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• A folding cart designed to fit over either the bow or stern of your kayak
• Anodized aluminum frame
• Can be folded/taken apart for storage in your kayak
• Height of the cart is adjustable down from 41 inches
• 20 inches inside cart width (non adjustable)
• 10 inch wide, 4 inch thick pneumatic tires
• 9.5 lbs total weight

The Seattle Sports Fat Boy Kayak Cart is a cart that goes over the bow or stern of your kayak. It works best on longer, thinner sit inside kayaks. The cart can be folded or taken apart for easy storage on your kayak. It features large pneumatic wheels that can also be removed. The frame of the cart can be adjusted down in height from 41 inches. The cart is made out of a sturdy, anodized aluminum frame. 

Part Number: 062100

UPC: 780292621007

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