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Quadlock Universal Accessory Mounting Kit for Mirage Eclipse


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• An accessory mount that allows you to attach waterproof accessories to the handle bars of your Hobie Mirage Eclipse
• Attach it to your waterproof case, which you can then use to keep a phone
• Provides a secure mounting point
• A strong 3M adhesive keeps the mount on your phone case
• Does not come with waterproof phone case

The Quadlock Universal Accessory Mounting Kit for Hobie Eclipse allows you to attach waterproof phone cases onto your Mirage Eclipse handlebars. The mount uses a  3M™ VHB adhesive to stick itself onto the back of your phone case. The Quadlock mounting system comes with four removable rubber rings for temporary attachment as well as two zipties for a more permanent mounting solution. 

Note: The 3M VHB adhesive will only stick onto flat plastic surfaces, it will not fit onto curved or metal surfaces.

Part Number: QLK-BKE-UNI

UPC: 09348943000062

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