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Hobie Railblaza Visibility Kit


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• 3 modes: Full brightness navigation mode 2NM – up to 25hrs battery life
Low brightness work mode – up to 160 hrs battery life
Flashing emergency Mode – over 200hrs battery life
• Waterproof to one meter 
• Does not come with Raiblaza starport mount (use a deck, track or H-rail version)
• Flouro safety flag dimensions – 450mm (18 inches) x 200mm (8 inches)
• Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included)
• Can be configured as;
1 section height 380mm (15”)
2 sections height 680mm (27”)
3 sections height 980mm (38.5”)

The RAILBLAZA Kayak Visibility Kit is a must-have safety item in the kit of any kayak angler, or recreational paddler. In one convenient, value-for-money pack you get everything you need for your kayak or canoe to be seen on the water day and night.

Simply mount the StarPort HD with the supplied fastenings, lock in the 1 metre (3’) Extenda Pole 1000, clip on the orange flouro flag for daytime visibility, and lock the Illuminate i360 – All-round White Navigation Light into the port on top for safety and regulatory compliance at night.

Disassembly when you’re finished is quick and easy, and it will store just about anywhere.

The i360 light can also be fitted to other RAILBLAZA ports around the kayak, and the Extenda Pole 1000 can be used to display a dive or national flag, or combined with RAILBLAZA camera mounts as a camera pole.

Designed and made in New Zealand using high quality materials, and the latest LED technology

Part Number: 72026214

UPC: 792176490883

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