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Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 Pedal Board

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-Also available for purchase in our Irvine, CA store -Available for a free demo (details) -Previous year's models may be available, please call 949-261-0200 for details -OFFERING LOCAL delivery and part installation for Southern California kayak orders (details)
Lunar Blue
Solar Yellow

• A 12.5 ft Hobie Mirage pedal drive powered paddle board
• The board is pedaled using a stair stepper motion on the Mirage drive
• Board steers using pressure handles on the standup handlebar 
• Standup handlebar can be adjusted for paddlers of different heights
• Bungee tie downs on the rear of the board allow for gear storage
• Kick up rudder means that it won't be damaged if accidentally grounded
• The stand up handlebar can be removed to turn the Eclipse 12.5 into a standard paddle board
• Offering local delivery/Orange County store pickup available for Southern California (Requires a $239 fee for shipment outside of Southern California)
Hobie Eclipse 12 in action

The Hobie Mirage Eclipse 12 Pedal Board is a paddle board that you can pedal with your feet using Hobie's revolutionary Mirage drive system. A great watercraft for fitness paddlers who want to spend time on the water instead of the gym! The Mirage drive is pedaled via a stair stepper motion, which drives the board forward. To steer the board, simply squeeze the left or right pressure handles on the stand up handlebar. The kick up rudder means that grounding the board on accident will not damage it. The stand up handlebar can even be removed to transform the Eclipse into a standard paddle board. 

Compared to the Hobie Mirage Eclipse 10.5, this board tracks better but does not turn as well as the shorter 10.5. This board has a higher weight capacity than the 10.5 as well, being longer and slightly wider.

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Very stable and fast

The Eclipse is very stable, you have a handle to hang onto which is nice. Steering is not done through turning the handlebar as you might imagine, but instead is controlled using the brakes on the handle bar. Very cool design. Pedaling this thing around the harbor is a lot of fun, although you will get tired from the pedaling. After 2 hours, I am toast on this board. Much more so than I am on my kayak. If you can demo one, I would highly recommend it.

Mary W

Fantastic workout!

Bought this for my Husband's 50th birthday. Southwind delivered it with a present bow. Would recommend their service. There's nothing else like the eclipse. It's very stable but still very fast for a paddleboard. You can put anyone on here from 5 year old kids to 200 lb guys. The handle bar is adjustable for different heights. Turning is super simple, just squeeze the brake handles. The pedaling gets very tiring after a while, so for long trips, I might recommend a cooler for the rear of the kayak.

Nicholas R

Lots of fun on the water

I have the Eclipse 12, I can't say much for the 10.5 but the 12 is an amazing paddle board! It's super stable on the water. I'm 6'4 and 220 lbs and normally find paddleboards to be incredibly unstable but not with this. I have my 6 year old daughter riding in the back with no problem at all. It's great fun for the kids too, since you can adjust the handle down wards for shorter people. The pedals are very efficient, especially in the wind. You can get up to about 3-4 mph on this. Pretty good. My only complaint is that it's kind of heavy for a paddle board, at about 40 lbs. I can still car top it easily, but if you are a smaller person, I might recommend the 10.5. Pros: -VERY stable -An amazing workout on the water -pretty fast(3-4mph) -will turn heads on the water, everyone asks me about it -great for kids and adults Cons -A little heavy for a paddleboard (10.5 is lighter) -No reverse function


Great service

Thanks Mike for the great, on-time delivery! Will buy from SKC again if I need any accessories.

Dan Murphy

Tons of fun, a great workout for the whole family

Ordered my board from Southwind in May and after months of anticipation I finally got it this week! This is the 4th Hobie product I've purchased from Southwind. They are a class act. Preston delivered the board on time and spent 30 minutes with me going over how to put it together, properly launch it and store it on my dock. If you live in Southern California, their local deliveries are highly convenient. Construction: 4.5/5 The board is made out of epoxy and fiberglass with a foam core. Just like any other paddle board. The finish is nice, I got the blue color. There were a few minor bumps in the gel coat, but nothing that you can really notice unless you look at it really closely. The board is pretty light too. I imagine car topping it would be easy. Stability: 5/5 Having the handlebars makes a huge difference in terms of how stable this is compared to a traditional paddle board. As long as you keep them in front of you, you are not going to fall over. I weigh about 220 lbs and am 6'3. f you are pensive about SUPs due to their stability, the Eclipse 12 is a great board for you. Handling/Maneuverability: 5/5 The steering handles are very responsive and small squeezes result in graceful turns. There is no reverse feature, but this applies to all Hobie mirage kayaks. Fun Factor/ Workout: 5/5! This is a great exercise tool and extremely fun! It really gives you a great leg and core workout. I suggest putting a phone holder on the handlebars so you can use a fitness app.

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