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Hobie Deluxe Mount for Safety Flag


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• A metal mounting base for your Hobie Safety Flag
• Can be attached to any flat surface on your kayak
• Provides a secure mounting point for your Hobie Safety Flag
• Comes with the mounting base, panhead bolds, washers and well nuts
• Measures 4.75 inches by 2.2 inches
• This is the mounting base only. Does not include the Hobie Safety Flag (Part # 72020002)

The Hobie Deluxe Mount for the Hobie Safety Flag allows you to mount the safety flag (Part # 72020002) onto your kayak. If you are mounting this on a part of your kayak where the backing is accessible, we recommend using the well nuts as regular nuts on the other side of the screws. If you are installing this mount where the backing is not accessible, you will have to drill larger holes and use the well nuts included with the base. Please contact us if you have any questions about installation.


Part Number: 72020012

UPC: 0792176142584

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