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DryCASE Smartphone Case


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• A clear dry case for your phone that can be deflated via pump to become more low profile
• Secure locking switches at the top fold down to seal the bag
• Features a waterproof audio jack
• Comes with a padded neoprene armband 
• Fits all phone sizes
• Includes a small hand pump, which can be used to deflate the bag 
• Dimensions: 8.5" x 4.5" x .5" 

The DryCASE Smartphone Case is a high end waterproof phone case that is low profile to boot. The DryCASE can be evacuated of excess air, making it slimmer. The clear case means that you can still use your phone and take pictures with it. Comes with a hand pump for evacuating air inside the case, a neoprene armband and a lanyard. 

Part Number: DC-13

UPC: 0673034042133

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