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Bending Branches Special Canoe Bent Shaft Paddle


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• A high quality, bent shaft canoe paddle with a long blade and medium width
• Suitable for beginner and intermediate recreational canoe paddlers
• Bent shaft keeps power throughout full stroke
• Basswood  paddleis laminated for extra protection, features Rockguard protection at the tip to prevent chipping
• 8.1" x 19" blade
• Weighs only 22 oz 

The Bending Branches Special Canoe Bent Shaft Paddle is a high quality canoe paddle suitable for all levels of recreational canoers. The bent shaft keeps higher power throughout each stroke you make. This wider blade is also ideal for paddlers who want more bite out of each stroke. The 5 times laminated blade consists of handcrafted basswood, red alderwood and maple from Osceola Wisconsin. The rockguard tip on the blade prevents chipping when you strike your paddle against hard rock. The oval shaft means that this paddle is durable yet very lightat only 22 oz. The forward rounded palm grip keeps your hands comfortable for hours of paddling.

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