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Aquabound Shred Whitewater Paddle


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• A high quality plastic blade/carbon shaft whitewater/kayak surfing paddle
• 2 piece construction with a button in the middle
• Carbon shaft paddle with plastic blade
• Shred blade gives plenty of power for quick turns
• Feathered at 15 degrees (non adjustable)

The Aquabound Shred Whitewater paddle is a great whitewater/kayak surfing paddle. The large blade surface gives plenty of power for aggressive turns while out on the water. It is a 2 piece paddle that can be disassembled with a button in the middle.


Weight (g): 1034
Construction: 1 piece
Feathering Angles: 30 degrees
Shaft Material: Carbon
Blade Material: Plastic
Blade Size (in): 7.75 x 18
Blade Surface (sq in): 107
Blade Style: Whitewater/playboat

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