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Ventura Harbor Kayak Launches


Ventura Harbor is a popular recreational harbor known for its great year round weather and plethora of paddling locations. Paddlers can explore the upper residential area of the harbor or venture south and paddle in the marina. The canals in the northern portion of the harbor offer a great refuge from boat traffic and wind. Paddlers in the middle of the harbor are treated to great views of palm trees and walking streets lining the shoreline. For paddlers choosing to go outside of the harbor, the break wall exits are close enough to the launch sites. The harbor is protected by three break walls and is therefore has calm conditions throughout the year. 

Ventura Harbor is a good fishing spot for halibut, saltwater bass, bonito and sharks. There is also a good sportfishing scene here, with a number of half day and day boats launching out of the harbor. 3-4 inch swimbaits, trolled rapalas and any shad/grub type baits are all good choices to use here. The break wall is a good holding spot for calico and casting along the wall can be productive. Be careful if you are paddling near the exit of the break walls as the swells can be very powerful on the outside. Also watch out for boat traffic, since these harbor entrances are rather small.

Air temperature in Ventura Harbor ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 70s to low 80s in the summer. The wind can pick up a bit in the afternoon, although the residential canals shelter kayaks from most of it. 

Kayak Launch Points in Ventura Harbor: 

Ventura Harbor Boat Ramp Launch (Ventura Harbor)