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Silverwood Lake Kayak Launches


Silverwood is another medium sized lake located about an hour north of San Bernadino. The pine forests that line the sides of the shoreline make this a very scenic paddling and fishing location. The coves on the lower eastern part of the lake are 5 MPH boating zones, making them ideal paddling and fishing locations. The scenery and miles of beautiful water attract crowds during the summer weekends when the water is warm. There can be a long wait to launch here, so we recommend that you visit on the weekdays if possible. There is a large swimming area near the launch site. Note however that swimmers itch is a problem here throughout the year, so make sure that a warning has not been issued by the marina staff before you jump into the water.

The winds can really pick up after 10-11 A.M., so plan on being off of the water by noon. This is especially true in the middle neck of the lake as the funneled winds here can make paddling back impossible. The winds here mean that beginner paddlers should not venture too far from the launch as the winds can become very strong in the middle of the lake. Whitecaps are not uncommon in the afternoon. Be careful when crossing the channels as incoming boat and jet ski traffic must be accounted for. 

Parking at the Silverwood Lake Marina is $10. There is no launch fee for kayaks. You will have to get your vessel inspected for quagga mussels, however. If your kayak has a sail or a motor, then it will require a CF number to operate on the lake. Inspections of your kayak or paddle board are required to prevent quagga mussel infestation. 

The Department of Fish & Game stocks thousands of trout throughout the year into the lake. Other species of fish that can be landed here include large and smallmouth bass, stripers, bluegills, and catfish. Swimbaits, blades, and anchovies all work great here. Any rainbow trout style lures work great for stripers and other bass. Trolling a rapala while working  swimbait on another outfit can be very effective. Winter is a great time to come fish for all the species here. 

Air temperature in Silverwood Lake ranges from the 40s to mid 50s in the winter and the 80s to low 90s in the summer. The water can partially freeze over during the winter so it is best to call beforehand to learn if the launch is closed or not. It is also advisable to call in about recent water conditions due to the wind. 

Kayak Launch Points in Silverwood Lake: 

Silverwood Lake Marina Launch (Silverwood Lake)