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Oceanside Harbor Kayak Launches


Oceanside Harbor features miles of beaches, yachts, shops and restaurants along the shore. The harbor consists of a slip area full of moored yachts and an open water area that is protected by a break wall. Summer weekends can draw crowds from all over making the harbor busy full of boats and paddle craft.

The harbor is open for access throughout the entire day. You can fish for spotted bay bass, sand bass, sheephead, and halibut in the harbor and outside of it. Trolling rapalas along the docks and jetties can be effective for targetting bass and halibut. If you are near the moored boats on the inside of the harbor, casting past dock pilings is also a good technique. We do not recommend keeping any fish you catch in the harbor due to the poor water quality.

The reefs one mile northwest outside of the harbor is another great place to throw swimbaits or frozen squid in 50 to 60 feet of water. Thresher sharks are sometimes caught around here as are larger model halibut. It definitely pays to bring heavier gear here. 

Air temperature in Oceanside Harbor ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 70s to 80s in the summer. Summer mornings are sometimes accompanied by a layer of fog that tends to burn off in the afternoon. Much like Newport Beach, it can become quite windy in the afternoon, so be careful if you are heading out of the harbor at this time.

Kayak Launch Points in Oceanside Harbor: 

Oceanside Harbor Ramp (Oceanside Harbor)