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Morro Bay Kayak Launches


Morro Bay is one of California's most scenic paddling locations. It is located in San Luis Obispo County, far above Los Angeles but it's popularity as a paddling location make it worth noting.

The beauty of the wetlands and wide diversity of wildlife that can be encountered here makes Morro Bay one of California's premier kayaking locations. Most visitors come here during the summer although the winter is an excellent time to visit as you will have the opportunity to see many species of migratory birds. 

The wetlands serve as a home for thousands of migratory birds. In the bay you will see many other forms of wildlife such as harbor seals and sea lions. A famous landmark here is Morro Rock, an almost 600 ft high volcanic plug located on the edge of the bay. The rock is a peregrine falcon habitat so there is no public access, but it is a great photo opp visible from almost everywhere in the bay. 

A large sandspit on the left side protects the bay from the conditions outside, although conditions at the harbor mouth can be treacherous. You can land on this sandspit with your kayak although you should pull your kayak up since the tide can fluctuate very quickly over the course of several hours. As you are returning from your paddling trip, be sure to not miss out on the beautiful sunsets that come over Morro Rock. 

Saltwater bass, halibut, leopard sharks, rockfish, white sea bass and rays are all fishable in this bay. Morro Bay is home to numerous large beds of eel grass. Casting over these beds with swimbaits or worms and letting your lure fall into the pockets of grass can trigger strikes from big bass. Try drifting squid or anchovies with a sinker around the edges of the bay. If you hook up on a harmless leopard shark or a big ray, prepare for a fight. 

Air temperature in Morro Bay ranges from the 50s in the winter and the 60s to 70s in the summer. The inside of the bay is pretty calm most of the time but the harbor exit can be dangerous. Beware strong tidal changes when you are paddling near the exit of the harbor. The channel is very narrow and strong currents can make paddling extremely difficult even on calm days. Please exercise caution here as large waves can pound the harbor mouth, especially during the winter. During foggy conditions be sure to stick close to the shoreline as it can be difficult for boaters to avoid you otherwise. 

Kayak Launch Points in Morro Bay: 

Tidelands Park Boat Ramp Launch Site (Morro Bay)