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Mission Bay Kayak Launches


Mission Bay is a large bay located in the heart of San Diego. It's year round wonderful weather, plethora of things to see, great fishing opportunities and number of launch sites make it an ideal place for paddlers to visit. It is also home to Seaworld and a host of other businesses, restaurants and shops. Mission Bay consists of various coves, divided by a series of islands and interconnecting bridges. The bay itself is very large and there are literally hours of paddling to be done here. 

The bay is also popular among boaters and jet skiers. It is important especially when visiting on busy summer weekends that you watch out for boat traffic. We recommend that visitors paddle close to the shore to avoid most boat traffic and jet skis. Make sure to look in both directions when you are attempting to cross channels and other high traffic areas. 

Fishing is allowed throughout the entirety of the bay, with the exception of swimming areas and most launch sites. Smelt, spotted bay bass, calicos, halibut, white sea bass and even bonito can be landed in the bay. The relatively healthy eel grass here really makes the bass fishing shine. Fish weedless jigs when casting over the eel grass. Fishing near the bridges during a tidal movement is a great tactic. As is fishing the eel grass beds with weedless swimbaits or jerk shads. Trolling rapalas, spinner baits and stick baits along the clean sandy bottom near the exit of the bay can also be effective for targeting halibut.

Air temperature in Mission Bay  ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 70s in the summer. The wind picks up in the afternoon, so be sure to pace yourself when you are paddling out of the launch sites. 

Kayak Launch Points in Mission Bay : 

Bahia Point (Mission Bay)

De Anza Cove (Mission Bay)

South Shores Park (Mission Bay)

Vacation Isle (Mission Bay)

Mariners Basin (Mission Bay)