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Lopez Lake Kayak Launches


Lopez Lake is a popular camping and boating destination located 20 miles north of Santa Maria. While the recent drought has certainly taken its toll on the water level, most areas are still very suitable for paddling on a kayak. The lake features long waterways that are perfect for a day of paddling. Lopez Lake is a great place to just paddle around while enjoying the scenery and wildlife on the shoreline. The visible wildlife here includes deer, foxes, bears and a very large assortment of birds. Seeing a large host of deer wandering near the campsites is not unusual at all. The area is also famous for its large wild turkeys, which frequently wander in and out of the campsites.

There is a mandatory inspection for quagga mussels before you launch your kayak. Your kayak must be completely dry and clean on the inside and outside or else you will fail the inspection. 

Lopez Lake has a good reputation for producing large bass throughout the lake. In the marina lodge you will see pictures of record catches made by visiting anglers. The lake is also a good place to fish for crappie, bluegill, catfish and rainbow trout in the winter. The Department of Fish and Game stocks loads rainbow trout here for the colder months. 

Air temperature in Lopez Lake ranges from the 40s to mid 50s in the winter and the 70s to low 80s in the summer. Lopez Lake can become extremely windy in the afternoon, making it a popular windsurfing location. Paddlers must be careful though as these winds can make returning to the launch extremely difficult. We recommend waiting it out on the shoreline until the winds die down a little before heading back. Beginner paddlers should aim to do their paddling in the early morning, when the conditions are calmest and the boat traffic is the least.

Kayak Launch Points in Lopez Lake: 

Lopez Lake Marina (Lopez Lake)