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Lake Perris Kayak Launches


Lake Perris is a popular boating and fishing lake located southeast of Riverside. Like Lake Elsinore, the location sees many boaters during the summer and can become extremely hot during the summer. The lake also features hiking trails, rock climbing sites and camping sites. The rolling hills surrounding Lake Perris are home to many different species of wildlife including bobcats, road runners, mule deer as well as a large assortment of migratory birds.

The left portion of the lake is dominated by boat traffic and there is a speed limit here of 35 MPH here making it unsuitable for kayaks. The areas around the shoreline are all 5 MPH zones. All boat traffic that are not sail powered and kayaks must travel in a counter clockwise direction from the launch. All vessels including kayaks must undergo a mandatory quagga mussel inspection.

Lake Perris is a great fishing hole with anglers targeting large mouth bass, bull catfish, carp and rainbow trout. It is a popular bass tournament spot among boaters. Many anglers fish near the dam in the rear part of the lake, trolling close to the dam using downriggers or drifting worms. There is an artificial reef in the lake made out of old tires that serves as a fish habitat. The lake is stocked with trout throughout the year by the Department of Fish & Game. Fishing is permitted from 6 AM until 10 PM during the summer months and from 6 AM until 8PM during the winter season. 

The air temperature in Lake Perris Lake ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 80s to high 90s or even 100 in the summer. Because of the extreme temperatures in the summer, this is a much better paddling location in the winter and spring months. 

Kayak Launch Points in Lake Perris: 

Lake Perris Boat Ramp Launch Site (Lake Perris)