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La Jolla Kayak Launches


La Jolla shores is an extremely popular location for paddlers, snorkelers, divers, fishermen and sightseers from all over. It is considered one of the prime kayak fishing destinations on the west coast due to its inshore yellow tail, white sea bass and halibut fishery. It features miles of scenic coastline that are prime for paddling. La Jolla's sea cliffs overlook sandy beaches and rock formations in the water. The beautiful scenery, excellent fishery and ideal weather attract visitors year after year. Many kayak rental and tour companies operate in this location, making it rather congested in the hot summer months. La Jolla shores is a wonderful place to paddle close to sea life of all kinds. Sea lions, dolphins and harmless leopard sharks are all common sights along the shoreline in the La Jolla Underwater Park. 

The kelp fields outside the preserve portion of La Jolla shores are a highly regarded spot for kayak and boat fishermen alike. Anglers must paddle about a mile and a half out past La Jolla shores to fish as the area inside is protected. 200 yards past the yellow spar buoys mark the end of the reserve. It is known for its yellow tail, white sea bass and halibut fishery. Bonito, barracuda and even sharks are also not uncommon catches in this area. As of August 2015, a few kayak anglers have even caught bluefin tuna 3-5 miles out. Anglers fish here with a variety of methods including surface iron, slow trolling baits, yo yo irons, bounce balls and dropper loops. Yellow tail and white seabass up to 53 lbs have been caught in these waters so heavy gear is suggested. There are numerous kelp stringers underneath the water and many anglers use 65# spectra line when fishing near kelp as the ability for your line to saw through kelp may be essential if a hooked fish dives into the kelp beds. There is no bait receiver close enough for kayakers, but bait can be made on the water. Having a fish finder is definitely suggested. Conditions and wind can be unpredictable at times so a VHF radio is highly suggested when you are fishing out here.

Air temperature in La Jolla ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 70s in the summer. We advise checking weather conditions before arriving as powerful surf and wind even during some mornings can make kayak launches treacherous if not dangerous. 

Kayak Launch Points in La Jolla: 

Avenida de la Playa Launch (La Jolla)