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King Harbor Kayak Launches


King Harbor is a popular launch spot for kayak fishermen throughout the year that is located in Redondo Beach. The harbor itself is quite small, but there is plenty of paddling and fishing outside and inside of the harbor. Paddlers in the harbor can venture past yachts and hotels on shore. Kayak fishermen can explore the area outside of the harbor for some great fishing. The water quality of the harbor is particularly clean, and it is not unusual to see 15 feet down into the water. 

There is a bait barge located in the harbor, which can be closed on holidays. Anglers in the inside of the harbor can target spotted bay bass, calicos, sand bass and halibut. The inside and outside of the break wall in particular are great locations for saltwater bass. Bonito and small barracudas are also not uncommon. 


There are also lots of opportunities outside the harbor for landing halibut, barracudas, white sea bass, and even sharks. Juvenile white sea bass are released from time to time into the harbor as a part of a fisheries program. Winter has opportunities for Ling Cod and other rockfish in the underwater canyon west of the harbor. The outside of King Harbor is also a popular hooping spot during lobster season in the winter and spring. Hoopers place their hoops within 80-90 feet of water in the canyon for red crab, spider crabs, and spiny lobster at night. Be wary of divers and boats while hooping out at night. Always bring proper lighting and a VHF radio. 

Air temperature in King Harbor ranges from the 60s in the winter and the 70s in the summer. The best time to come paddle or fish here is before 11 A.M., especially if you are paddling outside of the harbor as the wind can really pick up later in the day. Be very wary of conditions if you are fishing outside of the harbor in the afternoon, know when to turn back if the wind starts to pick up. 

Kayak Launch Points in King Harbor: 

Redondo Beach Marina Parking Lot (King Harbor)