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How to Purchase a CA Fishing License

You have two options for purchasing a fishing license. You may buy it at Walmart or any fishing shop where a sales associate can help you, or you may purchase it by yourself online. Here's a quick guide on how to do both. 

OPTION 1: Walmart or any Fishing Gear Shop

  1. Bring your driver’s license. If going to Walmart, head to the sporting goods section. 
  2. Fill out your information at their counter and purchase there.

OPTION 2: Online (for new accounts only)

  1. Log onto and click Login / Register.

  1. Fill In your birth date, last name, and drivers license number. Click Next and then Create New Customer Record.

  1. Fill out all the required information on the next page. Then click Save.
  1. Once your information is saved, at the top of the next page, click Purchase Licenses.

  1. Add a yearly, 1-Day, or 2-Day license to your cart.

  1. Click Checkout at the top, fill in billing information, and then press Complete Transaction.

 Obtaining your License:

    1. 1-Day or 2-Day Passes must be printed out and kept while fishing.
    2. Annual Passes also must be printed for your temporary use until an official laminated green license is mailed to your shipping address. 

 If you need any further assistance, we’d be more than happy to help you