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Help Your Harbor

Every first Saturday of the month, we work with local volunteers to pick up trash in Newport Harbor. It's not only important to us that our customers get to enjoy a peaceful paddle; we want to preserve the habitat for generations to come.

 85% of the world’s plastic is not recycled, yet every piece ever created is still in existence (National Geographic). Much of this debris ends up in our oceans, spreading into the deep sea and even arctic ice. Aquatic life's encounters with plastic unfortunately come with irreversible damage. For instance, whales and sea turtles often mistake plastic bags for squid, and birds often mistake plastic pellets for fish eggs (EPA). As we’ve seen from our trash pick-up events, Newport Harbor is no stranger to this phenomenon. Our cleanup volunteers regularly find packaging, cosmetics, and sometimes even TV sets floating out in the harbor. The accumulation of waste carried from wind and rain into the ocean has dire consequences for wildlife. That’s why we at Southwind try our best to keep the harbor clean for our patrons, wildlife and ultimately the future or our habitat. If you resonate with our mission and would like to help, please send an email to

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