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Diamond Valley Lake Kayak Launches


Diamond Valley lake is a large dam formed lake located about 12 miles northeast of Temecula. It is a very large reservoir of water that millions of Californians depend upon. Although it may not be as scenic as some of the other lakes in Southern California, the lake is a popular fishing destination and it's large size means that it is not as hectic to fish here as in some other lakes. 

Sit on top kayaks are not allowed on the lake. Any launched kayaks must also be at least 10 feet long and be non bailing. Quagga mussel inspections are carried out on all vessels, so make sure your kayak is clean and dry inside and out. 

Diamond Valley Lake is a premier fishing spot for large mouth bass, black bass, blue gill, striped bass and rainbow trout in the summer. The Department of Fish & Game stocks trout during here the winter. The lake has numerous coves ringing its perimeter and these make great fishing holes for kayaks. Look for water birds in the coves searching for bait fish. Fishing these areas can be very productive. Casting trout style lures here is great for targeting larger bass.

Air temperature in Diamond Valley Lake ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 80s to high 90s in the summer. Many paddlers choose to visit here only in the winter and spring due to the extremely hot and muggy weather that persists in the summer.  

Kayak Launch Points in Diamond Valley Lake: 

Diamond Valley Lake Marina Launch (Diamond Valley Lake)