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Castaic Upper Lake Kayak Launches


Castaic is a freshwater lake located in the Los Padres Forest north of Los Angeles. The lake is located about 10 miles north of Santa Clarita. Visitors come for the 30 miles of pristine shoreline and scenery. It is a very popular fishing and boating destination in the summer. Campsites are also available here throughout the year. The coves situated on the left and right arms of the lake are relatively calm areas that feature breathtaking scenery. Kayakers and paddle boarders are permitted to paddle the entire perimeter of the lake, although we recommend sticking closer to shore to avoid boat traffic.

Due to the low water level caused by the current drought, swimming is not allowed in the lake. Kayaks that have sails or motors on them must have a CF number to operate in the lake. 

All watercraft including kayaks must undergo a required inspection for quagga mussels. Your kayak must be completely cleaned and dried before you launch it. This inspection requires draining your boat as well. Paddle boards are also subject to inspections. 

Castaic is a premier fishing destination for striped bass, largemouth bass, catfish and crappies. There is a full service tackle shop that also rents aluminum boats on the lake. During sunny weather, cast into the shady parts of the lake. Fishing cover such as submerged trees, rock piles and pilings is very effective here. Be sure to fish structure, the drop off transitions between shallower and deeper water as well. Bass here will often go after baits made to look like shad or trout. Rainbow trout is also stocked here by the department of fish in game for fishing in the winter months until May. 

Air temperature in Castaic Lake ranges from the 50s to mid 60s in the winter and the 80s to 90s in the summer. It is best to do your paddling by 12pm, because the winds on the water can become quite strong afterwards.

Kayak Launch Points in Castaic Upper Lake: 

Castaic Upper Lake Marina (Castaic Upper Lake)