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Malone SeaWing Kayak Carrier


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• Two V cradles that attach to your car rack.
• Cradles mount onto just about any round, square or oval bar
• Includes loading straps and hardware and bow/stern tie downs
• Carries kayaks up to 70 lbs and 32 inches in width
• Carries one kayak per set of cradles
• Lifetime Limited Warranty

The Malone SeaWing Kayak Carrier is a great way to carry your kayak on your car rack. It features 2 v cradles that fit onto just about any car rack bar. The heavy duty V cradles can take kayaks up to 32 inches in width and 70 lbs in weight. It comes with loading straps and hardware, stinger loading module and bow/stern tie downs. 


Length: 2 ft 4 in 
Dimensions: 27" length x 6" width x 4.5" width
Capacity: 70 lb, kayaks up to 32" in width
Material: Polycarbon and Nylon


Part Number: MPG107MD

UPC: 0859557001356

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