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Hobie Tear-Aid Type A Fabric Repair Patch


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• Can adhere to a variety of surfaces such as plastics and nylon
• Seal holes in tents, sleeping bags, or dry bags - a must have on any camping excursion
• Forms an watertight seal
• Patch is clear once it is applied

A must have for those out on the water often. The Tear-Aid Type A Fabric Repair Patch system repairs holes and tears instantly on almost any surface with its elastic peel-and-stick, see-thru patch. Tear-Aid's powerful adhesive gives you a tough bond that stretches and recovers without pulling off. Durable, flexible, airtight, watertight and puncture-resistant. Gives you great protection from abrasion, moisture, salt water, UV, and extreme temperatures. 

Type A is for use on Hypalon, canvas, rubber, neoprene, most plastics, nylon, nonoiled leather and metal surfaces

Item Number: TAD4234

UPC: 0699337200452


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