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Harmony Dry Flex Waterproof Phone Case with AV Connector


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• Comes with a waterproof AV jack, can be hooked up to a waterproof earpiece
• Device touchscreen can be operated in the case
• Dual-density foam protects your device from drops and floats in water
• Will fit devices up to 5.5 x 3.25 x 0.5 inches in size

Protect your music player from water damage with the Harmony Dry Flex Waterproof MP3 Case with AV connector. The roll down closure will keep your device dry and still keep it functional for use, touchscreens included! The built-in AV connector allows you to keep the connection waterproof. Included dual-density foam protects the phone from accidental drops and the molded clip allows you to secure the case to your kayak. In case it falls overboard, don't worry, the Harmony Dry Flex floats. Now you can jam while enjoying all your favorite paddle sports. 

Part Number: 8023002
UPC: 0729282032621

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